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General: postfix relay for another domain

by Kliment Andreev

I have two registered domains both pointing to my FreeBSD external IP. The first one is chombe.org and I receive these e-mails on my FreeBSD using postfix. The second domain is klimentandreev.com and I use Exchange 2003 to receive e-mails for this domain. Since Exchange is on the internal network, I have to configure postfix to relay all e-mails for klimentandreev.com to the Exchange box.

First, I made sure that I can ping klimentandreev.com from FreeBSD box and that it will resolve to my internal IP. Next, I edited main.cf and changed relay_domains to be like this.

relay_domains = $mydestionation, /usr/local/etc/postfix/relay-domains 

Then, I created that file and added the following lines.

# Relay domains

After that, I reloaded postfix with /usr/local/etc/rc.d/postfix reload and I verified that postfix is relaying OK. I didn’t have to configure anything on the Exchange box.

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