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Visual C#: Daily reminder (K-Neglect)

by Kliment Andreev
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I needed a small reminder that will remind me for tasks that will happen within an hour or a couple of hours. I often multitask and have several ideas and thoughts at the same time. Usually, I forget one or two of these, because I am too lazy to write it down or because by the time I create a task or reminder in Outlook, I don’t remember what I wanted to do. Most of these ideas and thoughts are irrelevant anyway.

So, I didn’t want to use some programs that are too complex and some web based solutions that take some time to create a basic task. I just needed a bare bone program that will pop up a given reminder in X minutes from now. So, I made this program in Visual C# 2015 Community Edition. You will need .Net 4.5, but if you change the dependencies in the solution, I am sure it will work even with the earliest .Net frameworks. There is nothing special.

The program uses NotifyIcon class, so when you minimize the program it will go in the system tray. Click on the question mark button to see the help.


You can get the source for this solution from GitHub.

git clone https://github.com/klimenta/K-Neglect

Or, get the exe from here.

NOTE: If you have problems compiling, delete the OBJ folder and then Build the solution (CTRL-SHIFT+B).

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