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SPONSORED ARTICLE: What to Consider When Switching Your Web Host

by Kliment Andreev

Throughout the course of its development business requires changes. At the early stages, a simple website on shared hosting or VPS can work pretty well. However, needs increase with its growth. There are different reasons to consider changing a web host.

Needs Grow

At first, entrepreneurs are interested only in launching their business. The budget of new startups is usually very tight. Developers cannot spend too much on the website. So, it is very basic and contains some information, such as product description and contacts.

Later, the needs of the business grow and such a website may no longer satisfy them. Naturally, there is a necessity to switch hosting provider. It is a common practice. Moreover, as the business succeeds, better web hosting service becomes affordable. Price is no longer an important factor for them because it’s time to consider other parameters.

Parameters to Consider

What are the factors to consider when changing a web host for the first time? Stefano Marruzi, vice president of EMEA at GoDaddy, singles out three parameters – redundancy, performance and reliability.

Poor websites can spoil the first impression about the company or brand. However, there are plenty of them around. So, you should check metrics before choosing a hosting provider for your business. Price is of secondary importance in comparison with other factors. Pay attention to the performance. 99.9% is a good result, but why not strive for adding another .09 to ensure that your website will work without unacceptable load times. If your current provider offers less, switch it.

According to 1&1 Internet’s Thilo Haertel, there are five other factors to consider when switching – speed, uptime, scalability, security and reliability.

No one would like to use a slow page, especially when there are plenty of other better options. Downtime is unacceptable. The more content you have, the better performance it demands. Fortunately, hosting companies usually offer a wide range of plans to satisfy different needs. So, decide whether a provider can deal with high traffic. What is more, geo-redundant server architecture, malware protection, and the ability to serve your site using a content delivery network should be included in the list of hosting services. Security is also of particular importance for the business.

Hack Attack as a Sign to Leave?

Hack attacks happen. It is almost inevitable. Any host may be hacked, but providers should be ready to deal with it in order to be trustworthy.

A provider has to follow standards of the information security management system to give open and honest service. Reliable hosting companies are always ready to support and guide their clients in case of any security issues. So, don’t rush to switch to a different hosting after an attack if your current one takes all the measures to solve the problem. Give them some time to normalize the situation. Professional hosting companies always have backup copies and your data will be restored. Impulsive actions may cause you lasting downtime.

Wrong Time for a Change

Hosting companies also offer domain registration, and the majority of their clients buy it. Is this a wrong time to leave when a domain registration ends?

It is advisable to continue hosting and registration with the same provider. However, the host usually extends for a year a domain registration in addition to any transfer. It makes switching more attractive as helps to save money.

When making a decision, every business should take into account its own peculiarities and need in order to make the right choice. Choose the right time adjusting it to the working schedule of your website. So, there is no universal rule or piece of advice that will answer the question for every business owner. Just make your decision well-thought-out and careful taking into account all the factors.

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